11. Oktober 1998 Bonn: vorzüglich
Straight front with good bone, good reach of neck flowing into level topline, level tailset, strong quarters, moved and showed well, kind expression with dark pigment, needs to deepen in body to balance outline.
(Mrs. Paula Edwards)
16. Oktober 2004 Bonn: 2. Platz Veteranenklasse
Eight Years old, lovely sound free mover, nice head with good eye, good feet, correct topline and ribs, not in full feather, but the rest of the coat is good quality.
(Mrs. Valerie Foss)

20. März 2005 Cloppenburg: 2. Platz Veteranenklasse
Lovely veteran bitch, good conformation, excellent ribcage, good bone and feet, coat in good condition, super mover sideways, a little close in front, moves with excellent stride.
(Mrs. Agneta Cardell)

15. Oktober 2005 Bonn: Veteranenklasse
Very lively, doesn't look her age, good reach of neck, nice level topline, good tailset, nice front and rear angulation, well-balanced, well-handled.
(Mrs. Maureen McKenna)
16. Juni 2007 Beckum: 4. Platz Veteranenklasse
Eleven years old but her behaviour does not act it, lovely cheeky expression, good reach of neck, straight front and forechest, well sprung ribs, super rear quarters, good tailset and carriage kept on the move, moves well with long strides.
(Mrs. Barbara Mills)
07. Juli 2007 Gelsenkirchen: 4. Platz Veteranenklasse
Superb condition for 11 years. Good topline and quarters, would prefer a little stronger in head, moved very well.
(Mrs. Sandra Lane)
19. Oktober 2008 Bonn: 2. Platz Veteranenklasse,
Veteranen CAC Res.
Sweet old bitch, nice head, well-angulated, in good condition in body, not in the best coat, moves very well from side and with a strong topline, in good condition, excellent.
(Mrs. E. Nielsen)

15. November 2008 Clubschau Kassel: vorzüglich
12 year-old veteran bitch, very good size, pleasing head, but could have stronger foreface, good leg, very good body, well-angulated behind, good feet, moving very well for her age, lovely temperament.
(Mr. P. Iversen, N))

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